• Autor: Hall, Gillette H.,Patrinos, Harry Anthony

  • Editorial: Cambridge University Press

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Indigenous Peoples, Poverty, and Development, Hall, Gillette H. Patrinos, Harry Anthony ,

This is the first book that documents poverty systematically for the world’s indigenous peoples in developing regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The volume compiles results for roughly ochenta y cinco percent of the world’s indigenous peoples. It draws on nationally representative data to compare trends in countries’ poverty rates and other social indicators with those for indigenous sub-populations and provides equiparable data for a wide range of countries all over the world. It estimates global poverty numbers and analyzes other important development indicators, such as schooling, health and social protection. Provocatively, the results espectáculo a marked difference in results across regions, with rapid poverty reduction among indigenous (and non-indigenous) populations in Asia contrasting with relative stagnation – and in some cases falling back – in Latin America and Africa.