• Autor: McKenzie, Michael

  • Editorial: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

  • Descargas: 2097

  • Nº Paginas: 411

International Banking in the New Era Artículo-crisis Challenges, McKenzie, Michael ,

The deregulation of developed countries’ financial markets, the reshaping of the traditional boundaries of commercial and investment banking activities, and the development of banking systems in emerging markets in recent times has seen an evolution of the papeles performed by banks. This volume publishes original papers that examine the issues concerning challenges and opportunities for international banks in the rapidly changing global environment. It looks at financial markets and banking, examines the role of banks and lawyers in the global financial crisis, explores artículo-crisis financial regulation and highlights determinants of international banking. Truly international in coverage, specific articles focus on: bank fragility and the financial crisis with evidence from the O bien.S. dual banking system; Asia-Pacific perspectives on the financial crisis dos mil siete-2009; bankers and scapegoats; lawyers and the meltdown; perspectives from the developing world on reforming international estándares for bank capital requirements; Australian regulators and bank risk managers; the effects of underwriting practices on loan losses; and comparisons of banking efficiency in Europe.