• Autor: Van der Berg, Hendrik

  • Editorial: World Scientific Publishing

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International Finance and Open-Economy Macroeconomics, Van der Berg, Hendrik ,

This book is exclusively written as an international finance textbook, providing a coherent introduction to the financial aspect of international economics. Utilizing the mil novecientos cuarenta y cuatro Bretton Woods Conference as a unifying tema, the book draws attention to the international financial system, and extends discussion on key topics such as foreign exchange markets, and the overall functioning of the open-economy macroeconomic system. The book also analyzes the dos mil ocho international financial crisis and global recession, questions the need for another Bretton Woods Conference, and encourages critical thinking about the health of the current international financial system in promoting human well-being. This book will serve as a good reference source for people who are interested in key issues surrounding the international finance system and international economics.