• Autor: Desta, M.G.,McMahon, J.A.

  • Editorial: Edward Elgar

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  • Nº Paginas: 494

Research Handbook on the WTO Agriculture Agreement., De esta, M.G. McMahon, J.A. ,

Agriculture has been the unruly horse of the GATT/WTO system for a long time and efforts to halter it are still ongoing. This Research Handbook focuses on aspects of agricultural production and trade policy that are recognized for their importance but are often kept out of the limelight, such as the implication of national and international agricultural production and trade policies on national food security, global climate change, and biotechnology. It provides a summary of the state of the WTO agriculture negotiations as well as the relevant jurisprudence, but also, and uniquely, it focuses on the new and emerging issues of agricultural trade law and policy that are rarely addressed in the existing literature. With contributions from a multi-disciplinary team of leading analysts from around the world, this Handbook will appeal to trade negotiators, international trade law and policy academics as well as postgraduate students in the field. Bookseller Inventory