• Autor: Rutherford, Malcolm

  • Editorial: Cambridge University Press

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The Institutionalist Movement in American Economics, mil novecientos dieciocho-mil novecientos cuarenta y siete, Rutherford, Malcolm ,

This book provides a detailed picture of the institutionalist movement in American economics concentrating on the period between the two World Wars. The discussion brings a new emphasis on the leading role of Walton Hamilton in the formation of institutionalism, on the special importance of the ideals of ‘science’ and ‘social control’ embodied within the movement, on the large and close network of individuals involved, on the educational programs and research organizations created by institutionalists and on the significant place of the movement within the mainstream of interwar American economics. In these ways the book focuses on the group most closely involved in the active promotion of the movement, on how they themselves constructed it, on its original intellectual appeal and promise and on its institutional supports and sources of funding.